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Sometimes tragedies happen and we get forced to leave our comfort zones.. They probably turn out to be blessings because the horrible event/s lead to a change in direction or path we would never have embarked on otherwise.

As horrible as it was losing Mum .. Dad and I became closer.. We argue more but at least its all real.. Life's too short to be wasting time on things that dont matter. Some stuff is really cringeworthy to hear especially coming from my Father .. ie sex , marriage, manipulation , betrayal, addiction, temptation , love , anger, loss , responsibility , duty , friendship, success & failure. But I guess losing Mum meant that he couldn't talk about these things with her anymore and the themes were just too deep to share with friends. I am pretty closed person so I know I find it really difficult to be vulnerable and talk about my feelings. Makes me wonder sometimes how many stories go untold, tales of personal struggles and triumphs.

One of Dad's friends popped into the shop to say hello today .. I thought it was a general catch up session because she started talking about how hot it was and why our aircondtioning wasn't working .. Dad continued sewing , until she mentioned casually that her husband no longer cared about anything .. I thought she was making a sick joke or something because she had this blank look on her face. I couldnt believe it when she said her husband was having an affair with a younger asian girl overseas .. He didn't look like a womaniser or a cheat .. Just a nice educated entrepenour & loving husband. I didnt know what to say so I gave her a big hug ..I could tell she was still trying to piece things together in her own mind while almost falling apart at the seams.

Dad thought it was inappropriate to console her with a hug so he was happy I was there.

What would posess someone to just leave after 30 years of marriage ..? 30 years of memories. 30 years of dreams built together .. Gone just like that. There is no logic or reasoning behind it.

Temptation, lust and hunger is dangerous.. I really hope through this pain she finds strength within herself to come to peace with it and draw from it something positive. Maybe she writes amazing music from it ... or maybe someone new comes into her life? I don't know for certain but I know that we are all where we are supposed to be.

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