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Reduce Stress Tips

I am a bit of a social outcast ... I can become really reclusive when I'm stressed or if I am upset about something. Anxiety has always been really bad for me... I used to eat ... But that only made things worse for me until I found meditation or deep breathing to get me through the bad days.


-Breathe from your abdomen. Place one hand on your abdomen and breathe deeply .... this is where a richer inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide occurs, slowing the heart rate and easing anxiety. When you breathe in, your abdomen should stick out, and when you breathe out, your abdomen is sucked back in.

- Breathe through your nostrils because it heats air up so that it travels 'more easily' through the body. It can lead to fewer colds, better circulation and improved concentration.

- Breathe deep taking in as much air as you can, holding your breath for a moment and letting all that air out.

-Practice. Assign time in the morning and night to do it.

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