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Fabrics, Tanks, Mesh !

Some sports fabrics that are coming soon for tanks and singlets to complement our collection of leggings or shorts. – a beautiful wicking polyester/spandex single jersey with cool touch finish. Colors which will be available – royal blue, gun metal and white. It’s not too thick but not too thin .. feels soft on the skin, wicks away moisture keeping bodies cooler and dryer for longer. Reduces up to 1-2 degrees Celsius and is durable in the wash.

-a quality, stretchy, pin dot mesh ( 85.5% polyester & 14.5% spandex). Colors available white, black, gunmetal grey, royal blue & lilac. I think it would look really nice when used as singlet/ tank paneling at the back or on tank top straps. This will allow for more breathability as well as keep the body cooler during strenuous exercise. The fabric feels soft and delicate .. making the garment have more of an elegant feminine feel & look.

-I found a similar pin dot mesh in a carbon hi tech yarn which comes in black and grey.

This special resistex carbon yarn is perfect for increasing performance because it is antistatic , bacteriostatic, heat regulating, lactic acid combating, natural and reflective (protecting the body from static energy, electrosmog and UV rays). Don’t you hate it when you go to put on your work pants and it’s the type of pants which just stick to your legs and is made worse when you walk around? It’s extremely uncomfortable and annoying especially if you live in Sydney Australia and there’s more scorching hot days then not.. theres nothing worse then sweat plus static clothing! There’s no way of escaping the sweat absorbed into the fabric becuase it’s stuck to your skin. Anyways, in addition to being irritating, extensive research has revealed that the build up of electrical charges dispersed from our bodies (don’t freak out this is a natural phenomenon) causes muscle twitching, cramps and fatigue.The unique resistex carbon used to make this mesh fabric actually discharges the charge buildup.. improving blood circulation and the regular supply of oxygen to our cells. What does this mean in simple terms? No more cramping, you can work out longer and harder. More importantly your body becomes more efficient in performance with less fatigue & cramping. So what about profuse sweating ? The high conductivity resistex carbon improves sweat dispersion thus promoting faster sweat evaporation leaving the skin feeling sweat free for longer.

This fabric is imported from Italy and is a trademark of Asashi Kaseo fibers Corp. If you want to know more please visit . They decribe more about the product, its benefits and the extensive testing which went into its creation.

So performance and function is a tick… how about aesthetics? The grey is my favorite because I think it would look great when made into a wide arm wife-beater tank. There is a pretty white thread which is weaved horizontally through the grey ( kind of mimics stripes but isn’t) . It looks like there is a faint white V shaped lines upon closer inspection.

– I also found 2 other mesh patterns … they weren’t high tech like the previous fabric described but offers a different textured pattern and looks more robust because the mesh is thicker and the holes are larger offering more breathability. These might look good to add a different texture to the top. I like the gunmetal grey in the middle.

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