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Dance your ass off. Dancing is a fun motivating way to not only burn calories but also tones and tightens major muscles at the same time. Being overweight, uncoordinated and an only child, I didn't enjoy playing sports and the thought of going to a gym full of strangers was too confronting for me.. I felt embarrassed about the way I looked. I hated picking out things to wear because there was nothing out there that was unique but not too much to draw bad attention to myself.....It meant I only wore black, black and black all day everyday. Black fed my depressed mood train because it created a false sense of being able to hide in the darkness. That is why many of my fabric print designs have darker undertones.. It's to cater to ladies who are more conservative but sometimes want to make a bit of a statement. I use a lot of blue purples and tinges of pink and yellow. Research into the psychology and colors have revealed that blue is a relaxing color that can help suppress hunger & lower blood pressure because it promotes feelings of calm and security. Purple is a regal color that is synonymous to royalty because it expresses feelings of confidence and magnificence whereas pink and yellows evoke general happy feelings because they're symbols for love acceptance and friendship. I guess these are the feelings I want my clients to feel when wearing my print fabrics. Anyways.. one day I worked up the courage to try a step aerobic class and I did a few yoga classes ... Eventually I realised I really enjoyed dancing and could do it for hours and hours without feeling like I was actually working out to lose weight. It's easier if you do things that you enjoy doing as it keeps you motivated. Before I knew it, I was utubing how to do different types of dancing... from shuffling to jerking, hip hop to pole... That was how I lost 20 kilos. I started to feel more comfortable, confident and happy just being... I felt emancipated from myself.

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