The Science of Happiness!

March 15, 2016

The pursuit of happiness is something we can all relate to because it is a feeling we all want at the end of the day... for ourselves, friends and loved ones. Happiness sounds so simple but is quite complex. Some of us would do almost anything to have it because it is somewhat essential to living a fulfilled life.  Others take what joys they can get.


Being happy is more then having material things ... or having the perfect body ... or having the most instagram followers. As we grow older and wiser we realise happiness is a state of mind.


Here are 7 habbits of happy people!

1.  Expressing yourself with others who are close to you. Research has shown people who have close friendships and relationships live longer. The daily interaction with close friends & family  makes us feel apart of something greater then ourselves. Humans need to relate and connect with one another mentally or physicially because loneliness is a silent soul killer. There is nothing worse then feeling like nobody understands or cares for you. Not being able to relate or connect with someone on a deeper level can also be just as damaging because feelings of alienation and disconnection can manifest into depression. Unlike the flu or a bacterial infection, depression is harder to cure. Taking some antidepressants won't rid of this condition once and for all because it effects everyone differently and the cause can be a combination of many things- chemical inbalance in the body, bad experiences,  physical changes, addiction, environmental or lifestyle changes. Some things we can change while others we have no control over. ie losing a loved one, losing a house in a bushfire, being diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Happy people tend to have real positive people to support them through tough challenges.  You may not be able to control who you are related to but you can control who your friends are. So pick wisely when it comes to friendships. Toxic relationships can destroy you.


2. Exercise. People who exercise daily are happier. Research has shown that people who are active were less likely to suffer from mental health issues or depression. Exercise creates endorphins...