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Must Have Active Products

When it comes to general well being products there's no real substitute. You must have the best of the best. As a considerable amount of time is spent working out you can't avoid investing in the following:

1. A good quality sports bra /crop top which holds your good bits in place but also livens up your outfit.. Rhapso Designs has a collection of different funky prints that you can match with plain tights and sneakers. 2. Shorts, or tights can also be both fashionable and functional. Rhapso Designs also has a range of different prints for shorts and bikini bottoms.

3. Comfortable Runners. Something light weight but supportive at the same time because your feet carry the weight of the rest of your body.

4. Water Bottle. Obviously replenish the body with lots of fluids as you it will be lost when you sweat. A funky water bottle saves money as you don't have to buy water at the gym and you can always refill during your workout if you run out. 5. Towel. It's kind of discusting when you have nothing to wipe the sweat from your body or gym equipment after use. Makes it horrible for the next person. 6. Music. I prefer music which is upbeat, with base so it makes me want to run faster to keep up with the beat. ie hard trance or hardstyle doof doof is perfect for a good cardio session.

Visit for all of your workout outfit needs.

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