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Ever since I was a toddler, I was fascinated with design and fashion. My family were in the industry so it was a natural progression for me. My parents of course had other plans for me. Fast forward a decade…I finally decided to pursue my true passion for designing my own activewear, swimwear, polewear & lingerie line. It was one of hardest things for me to do but definitely the most rewarding.   I feel so blessed to be able to continue doing what I love and more. Designing activewear for women worldwide has given me the opportunity to cross paths with many strong and inspiring beings. It is unfortunate their stories are left untold because we can learn a lot from everyday women who are accomplishing massive fitness milestones. Through Brass and Iron, I  hope to share inspirational stories, promote pole dancing as well as other forms of fitness (ie body building, Piloxing, yoga, & acro,) because I believe being fit and healthy is the new sexy.

This month’s issue will include an exclusive interview with Miss Pole Dance Australia- Amy Hazel and world-renowned choreographer and founder of PhysiPole studios-Kristy Sellars and Lisa Ebrahim -Pole Instructor at Poletique Fitness Studio. They will be sharing some tips and secrets of their pole journeys.


Want to know what all the body building hype is all about? You will be inspired to pump iron after reading how three incredible women were able overcome their situations ( ie anorexia, being a busy mum, insecurities )  to become bodybuilding champions. 


We were also lucky to catch up with world famous fitness guru- Viveca Jensen. She will introduce you to the benefits of Piloxing. There will also be more personal pole dancing journeys, fitness tips and healthy eating recipes.


Anyhow, I hope it will give you the push you need to try something out of your comfort zone, to get into shape, or sign up for a pole class. I think having the courage to try something new and just going for it… is definitely the best thing you can do for yourself.  We are women and we are strong.  So just go for it.

Brass N Iron Magazine April May Issue 2018

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    Pole Features
    Exclusive Interview with Miss Pole Dance Australia 2018- Amy Hazel
    “Pole Dancing Changed My Life.”  by Fiona Bellizzi
    Inspiring Choreographer & Founder of PhysiPole Studios- Kristy Sellars
    Pole Dance Tips for a Beginner
    Pole Dancing & Body Building by Lisa Ebrahim
    I Was In The Zone. We catch up with 2nd Runners Up Winner of Pole Champ Series- Lisa Ebrahim
    Self-Expression Through Dance
    Kristy Sellars’ Top Choreographing Tips
    What do Pole Dancers have in common?
    Pole Comp Prep Tips

    Gym & Fitness
    Popular Fitness Trends Around The World
    Gymtimidation- How to overcome it?
    Gym Tips for a beginner
    Exclusive Interview with a Body Building Champion- Anne Marie Pisani
    My Life in the Circus from Finlandby Minka  Leskinen

    Piloxing by Viveca Jensen
    Healthy Hacks for a busy woman
    Fitspirations: Ash May- IFBB Champ 2017
    Anorexia Survivor to ICN Champ 2017 by  Daneka Gameau
    In the making: Lauren Booth aspiring body building mum

    Whole Eggs Vs Egg Whites

    Healthy Eating Habits

    Eat More Greens

    Eat for your Body Type


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