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Fitspirations. Just get started.

Getting started is half the battle.. Then the rest is pushing yourself through the work out.

I don't know about you but I am the worst when it comes to procrastination .. I'll jott down in my diary- "Wake up 20 minutes earlier to do some cardio" set my alarm and go to sleep but then the alarm clock goes off and I toss and turn and decide my bed needs more attention .... I promise myself I'll do some cardio after work. Then after work comes favourite tv show comes on.. I ate too much and before I know it.. it's time for bed. There's always an excuse when your heads not in a positive motivated mind space.

But other days I have good days .. I start doing something ... jumping, skipping, star jumps, steps on my stepper, or sprinting on the spot ... and I feel good once I start. Even when I really don't feel like it at first.

So here are some motivating things I tell myself-

- There is no such thing as a bad workout.. a little sweating is better then nothing at all

- Working out feels good.. Just push and push till you feel like you're going to pass out.. remember the wonderful natural high that comes after !!

- You wont see results straight away but in a few months and years its a big difference.

- Do something else active if the normal thing bores you.

- Just another minute of sprinting or two wont kill you.

- You got this.. just keep going :)

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