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                   Sport Rhapso Designs Luxurious Italian Lycra Leggings featuring pleather panels at the gym or when your out and about. Just swap your tank for a top.

Italian Lycra Gym Leggings featuring pleather panels- Australian Made

    • 2 way stretch
    • Medium waist band
    • Sits on waist
    • Great support & coverage
    • No muffin top
    • inside seam leg length= 75cm, outside seam leg=101cm. If you need it longer or shorter please include measurements in notes when you pay or you can also send us an email
    • Constructed using high quality Italian sports Lycra
    • Features pleather panels
    • Due to the nature of pleather fabric, expect peeling with wear especially if there is extra friction agaist the pole. 
    • Great for pole dancers as the special fabric sticks to the pole 
    • Made in Australia
    • Model wears a Medium. Available in Sizes- XS, S, M,L, XL
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