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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

Here at Rhapso Designs- we believe in creating the best version of yourself through an active lifestyle!  We love empowering  women from all walks of life to be confident enough to pursue their passions & goals.  From pole dancing , body building, yoga, gym and fitness to acrobatics, lyra or even if you just want to be a fit mum! We want to be apart of your life! 

Our brand ambassadors are inspirational role models in their fields and I would love for you to meet them all.  They will reveal what makes them tick, what their passions are and achievements they have smashed!

Head Brand Ambassador- Gemma Bardsley

Gem is the founder of G-Force Pole and Fitness,  East Coast Pole Cruise and Pole Cruise USA. Gem has been dancing since she was 3 ½ years of age with the major influence being Ballet. Her passion and love for dance soon became an obsession and it was 9 years ago that her mum introduced her to the art of pole dancing. Gem’s goal in the pole and fitness industry is to guide and encourage people to feel comfortable within their own skin and believe that all things are possible. Gem’s titles include 1st runner up in Pole Stars 2010, 2nd Runner in Asia-Pacific Pole Dance Championships 2011 – Classic Pole Division, Finalist in the Australian Pole Fitness Championships 2012, Finalist in Australian Pole Championships 2013,2014, 2015, 2016. 1st Runner up in the Australian Pole Championships Battle Division 2012, 1st runner up Group Division 2015 – NSW Pole Championships, 2nd Runner up Group Division 2014 – NSW Pole Championships, Pole Theatre finalist 2015, 2016, 2017, Pole Candy finalist 2017, Miss Pole Dance NSW Finalist 2017. 

Brand Ambassador(Croatia) - Del Rey

Hi, My name is Del Rey from Zadar, Croatia

I train pole dance , silk, aerial hoop.

For me, Pole Dance is way of life & I see only that!

Brand Ambassador (Finland) - Minka Leskinen

Hi! My name is Minka and I'm a circus artist student from Finland. I've been a figure skater since I was four years old.


About three years ago I started pole dancing and along with it came the other aerial acrobatics.


My favorites are aerial hoop and silks. I compete in pole dancing and aerial competitions.

My dream is to become a circus artist.

Brand Ambassador (QLD)- Anne Marie


My name is Anne Marie! 


I am a natural body builder and regularly compete in the swimsuit division! 


Health and fitness has become a very important part of my life! 

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